Snax Pax (Mystery Box)


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The contents will be similar to what you see on our website, it will be a mix of products with special prizes throughout. Just remember since it’s a mystery box we change the contents every time so that it is a surprise 😀

These boxes make the best gifts ever! Never worry about what to get your friends and family again!

Inside every Mystery Box are the coolest and best tasting snacks from around the world. We will surprise you with a hand-picked assortment of sweet, sour, salty, and savory snacks.

The Mystery Box will include at least 10 different popular mid to big sized snacks, a mix of toys and treats. We fill up the box as much as we can, so that number is just for us to make sure there is enough variety inside, because some items can be more expensive than others, and the value inside the box is around the same every time.
Also, we include extra gifts! Items will vary.

3 Different Sizes

  • Snax Trap Box (Small) – All Snacks and Candy
  • Cereal Style Box (Medium) – Mixture of Toys, Candy, and Snacks
  • Mystery Box (Large) – Mixture of Toys, Candy, and Snacks (Includes Exclusive Funko Pop)

Additional information

Sizes (Different Boxes)

Snax Trap Box (Small), Cereal Box (Medium), Mystery Box (Large)


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