SUPERPLASTIC, the global entertainment brand behind digital celebrities Janky & Guggimon, has teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club to create vinyl art toys based on the popular NFT project. The vinyl art toys, called “SuperBored,” are produced by SUPERPLASTIC and feature caricatures used in the BAYC universe. The crossover will be a timed open […]

Collectable manufacturer Funko is known worldwide for its square-headed Pop! toys, but now it’s set to release a new “Gold Line” series. Made up of iconic musicians and famous NBA/NFL athletes, Gold Line vinyl figures are bigger, bolder and more blocky head-to-toe than other Funko products on the market. Gold Line’s first key piece is […]

Black History in the Video Gaming Industry Gerald A. Lawson was a self-taught engineer who became a pioneer in electronic video entertainment, creating the first home video game system with interchangeable game cartridges.  Before disc-based systems like PlayStation, Xbox and Wii transformed the video game industry, before techno-diversions like Grand Theft Auto and Madden NFL […]

sents Halloween vs Christmas Cereals. Made By Chubb & Tabby Curls take on a cereal taste test challenge to see which cereals are better! Which one of these cereals do you think is the best?? Leave your comments below… Follow Raresnax on Instagram @rare_snax Follow Made By Chubb on Instagram @madebychubb Follow Tabby Curls on […]

Super Mario Bros.

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